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    Minimize the risk of data leaking into the wrong hands with our quick and comprehensive data wiping services

  • Whenever you change your new phone ...

    Worry about data breach?

    Everyone is worried about data leaks when recycling mobile devices. No need to worry now!iMT-Cleaner can quickly erase all files and personal data from the device.iMT-Cleaner is made for mobile devices including iOS and Android and Mac OS, and maintains comprehensive information security to ensure that all data on the device is permanently erased.

    Fully automatic

    Cleaning multiple devices at the same time to save your time.

    Only erase one device at a time? Time is money!iMT-Cleaner supports multiple devices for data erasure and skips cumbersome steps like setting password. When data erasure is finished, your device will be reset and launch a report automatically, optimizing effectiveness.

    Don’t worry……

    iMT-Cleaner is really safe!

    We have cooperation with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology to publish paper—A Data Sanitization Method for Mobile Devices with NAND Flash Memory—for iMT-Cleaner in seminar—Research in Adaptive and Convergent Systems(ACM RACS),2019. iMT Cleaner is backed by a US$1 million insurance policy, ISO 27001 certified and ADISA certified to protect your personal information. Therefore, iMT-Cleaner will be your best choice absolutely.

  • Just a few seconds for peace of mind

    Quickly and Securely Wipe Customer Data

    The most convenient

    Wipe multiple devices all at once

    Insured for Success


    Our product is backed by a US$1 million insurance policy

    Automatic OS Update (iOS-only)


    Simultaneously upgrade to the latest iOS operating version along with data erasure


    Information Security Certification Development Environment

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