Smart Device Trade-in System

    for Carriers, Mobile Manufacturers, Retailers and e-tailers

    • Taiwan's Leading Automated Mobile Diagnostics Trade-in Solution
    • First B2B Trade-in System with Integrated Mobile Diagnostics
    • First Online Mobile Device Insurance Underwriting with Integrated Mobile Diagnostics

  • Current STS Partners

    STS helps carriers, mobile device manufacturers, e-tailers and retailers with their mobile trade-in programs. It also helps insurance companies with underwrite new policies and process insurance claims.

    Chubb Taiwan

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    Samsung Taiwan

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    Sony Taiwan

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    Oppo Taiwan

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    Online Trade-in


    Online Trade-in


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    Data Express

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  • Demo Video for Samsung Taiwan Renew App

  • Advantages

    We combined our leading mobile diagnostic technology with appraisal and data erasure services to streamline the process of re-selling used phones.

    • Diagnostics, appearance check, appraisal and contract signing in 5 minutes
    • In-store, online and mobile insurance modules
    • Reduces mis-diagnostic risk and case disputes
    • Increases appraisal accuracy to boost trade-in rates
    • 15 minutes training even for a 150-store company

    Supports In-store and Online Trade-in Program

    Compatible with iOS and Android Mobile

    Easy Diagnostic App

    Mobiles Recycles Management System

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